Thursday, October 14, 2004

Whats goin on in 'Ghani

Explosives, Weapons Caches Found in Afghanistan
American Forces Press Service
WASHINGTON, Oct. 10, 2004 -- No injuries or damages to equipment were reported following an improvised-explosive-device detonation near Jalalabad, Afghanistan, on Oct. 9, according to a Combined Force Command-Afghanistan news release.
The IED had been made by wiring together two 82 mm mortars.
There was also an IED detonation near Shkin. Again, there were no injuries or damage to equipment reported. Local police found an IED between Charchina and Kijran while escorting ballots. The officers removed the device's batteries, and an explosive-ordnance disposal team was to destroy the device.
Another IED was discovered near Deh Rawod. It consisted of one 82 mm mortar. When this IED was destroyed, authorities discovered two anti-tank mines. An EOD team also destroyed the mines.
On Oct. 8, a weapons cache was discovered near Bagram Air Base. An Afghan civilian led U.S. soldiers to the cache, which contained four 107mm rockets, 50 25mm shells, one 82mm mortar round, and 20 82mm mortar fuses by a local national. The cache has been deemed unserviceable and will be destroyed by EOD, officials said.
Another cache was discovered near Lashkar Gah and contained three 107mm recoilless rocket rounds with timing devices. The rockets were found pointed at a provincial intelligence representative's house. The cache was to be destroyed by EOD experts.
Also on Oct. 8, two suspected insurgents were detained by local police forces near Lashkar Gah. The two were found carrying 510 rounds of 7.62 ammunition, four hand grenades, two pistols, two SKS Russian military carbines, and two AK- 47 rifles.
A second pair of suspected insurgents were also detained near Lashkar Gah on Oct. 8. These two had three 107mm recoilless rockets and 90 small-arms rounds.
Local police also detained two suspects carrying 10 to 12 IEDs near Jalalabad. They have been turned over for questioning.
Insurgents launched several attacks against Coalition forces across Afghanistan on the morning of Oct. 9.
Five suspected insurgents were detained after a mortar attack on a coalition patrol near Qalat.
Coalition soldiers near Gardez also came under attack when two rockets were fired, both falling outside of the coalition base perimeter.
Near Asadabad, insurgents ambushed coalition soldiers, but the patrol moved out of the ambush area.
Coalition soldiers were attacked near Deh Chopan with rocket- propelled grenades and small-arms fire from insurgents.
No injuries or damage to equipment were reported following any of the four attacks. Two local nationals, however, were injured following a rocket attack near Jalalabad. They wounded have been taken to a local hospital.


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