Thursday, October 14, 2004


This is great news, the Iraqi police saved a few hostages that were fleeing their kidnappers and then went to the house where they had been held and rounded up a bunch more scumbags. Hopefully this will help. Way to go Iraqi police, keep up the good work.

Iraqi Police Take Down Kirkuk 'Hostage House'
American Forces Press Service
BAGHDAD, Iraq, Oct. 14, 2004 -- Police in the northern Iraq city of Kirkuk captured seven suspected kidnappers Oct. 12 after intercepting two kidnap victims fleeing from four armed men.
Officers moved to the home in the Wahid Huzayray area after questioning the victims and calling for backup. A single individual was detained in the initial search, and his interrogation led officers to a second suspect in the Arafa neighborhood of Kirkuk. Officers watched over the home and nabbed five people returning to the home later.
Police also seized five AK-47 assault rifles with ammunition, one Egyptian grenade, various knives, Iraqi National Guard and U.S. Army desert combat uniforms, multiple currencies and bank checks, and two bottles of Ketamine -- a rapid acting disassociative anesthetic similar to phencyclidine, better known as PCP -- used to subdue victims.
Haythem Ali Mohammed, believed to be the group's leader, remains at large, officials said.


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