Thursday, October 21, 2004


man, how bout them red sox. i cant even call em the red sux after that impressive display. after game three i didnt think they could come back. after winning game 4 i still didnt believe it. but after they won game 5 i really started rootin for em, thinking just maybe they could do it. last night we were at the bar cheerin like we grew up in boston, even tho none of us did. that was really great.
now tonight the 'stros are playin, and i'm not sure who to root for. of course i want them to win cuz they're the texas team, but if its the stros and the sox in the world series, i will really be torn. i mean cmon, the sox deserve it. of course the stros still have to win tonight. we'll see. am i allowed to cheer for both? seems like i'd win no matter who won. maybe i'll try that.

UPDATE: well, now i dont have to worry. Go SOX!


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