Wednesday, November 03, 2004

that whole vote thing

so heres the highlights from today, since i know you probably cant find this information anywhere else:

the cowboys stadium in arlington won by 55 - 45.

dallas county now has a new sherriff who is the first female and the first hispanic. and shes gay. all in one. maybe i'll try to talk to her about clearin my record. i'll just bribe her with chocolate and jack in the box. or maybe flowers and a crappy car. perfume and pot? what do hispanic lesbians like?

oh yeah, and bush won. its not official or nothing, but i dont care cuz i'm not an official source. so come out to the flying saucer in addison wednesday night where we'll be celebrating (or atleast some of us will, i do have a few liberal friends) and i'll buy you a beer.


Blogger Amanda Leese said...

For the new gay hispanic police "lady"
How about a too tight belly shirt and some birkenstocks?

2:25 PM  

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