Thursday, December 23, 2004

better yet

As anyone that knows me knows, i'm a pretty great guy. well its nice to know that my companys HR dept finally realized it too. yesterday i was presented with a nice little christmas tree ornament from the HR dept thanking me for being such a great guy and always taking part in all the volunteer opportunities they offer. it was kinda embarrassing, i dont really like being the center of attention, but they presented me with this little ornament and took my picture i guess for the company paper. anyway, it was nice, if not a little cheesy. now i dont want to sound ungrateful, but if i didnt this post would be over. so although a christmas tree ornament is nice (when they asked if i had a tree at home i lied and said yes) there are some things that i'd rather have. so here we go.
My top 10 list of things i'd rather have then a christmas tree ornament that has my companies name on it:
10) a christmas bonus. nothing says thank you like cold hard cash.
9) a coupon for a free lunch in the cafeteria. i cant keep being nice if i'm hungry.
8) my own parking space. sometimes i actually get there earlier then lunchtime, and its hard to find a good spot that early. durango sue deserves a good spot.
7) mtn dew in the coke machine. i know its crazy, but if theres a machine with RC in it, why cant we get some dew?
6) a date with that cute redhaired girl. shes so hot shes gotta be a bitch, but i could put up with her for one night.
5) beer in the fridge. i wouldnt work as much, but i wouldnt bitch as much either.
4) a secretary for a day. everyday theres tons of shit i just dont feel like doing, it would be nice to be able to hand off the dumb shit for just one day.
3) a free hand carwash. like i said before, durango sue deserves it, but i just dont have the motivation to wash her in the freezing cold.
2) brownies. i'll take a plate of brownies over a little trinket anyday. nothing says we care like brownies. no really, i love brownies.
1) a big fat raise.


Blogger John said...

you are a pretty great guy and I love you

Merry Christmas!!!!! The uncle

10:34 AM  

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