Monday, December 13, 2004

day 1

Well i managed to arrive safely in phoenix and had a pretty good first day. my flight over was pretty uneventful without any turbulence, but it was otherwise the stereotypical flight; fat guy beside me, crying baby behind me, annoying stewardess. dont you hate it when stewardess' try to be funny? just be nice and attentive, thats enough, really, you dont have to be funny, cuz you aint. anyway, so we got into phoenix on time, but the rental car ended up being a circus. we got enterprise this time because it was cheaper then our usual hertz. so we get on the enterprise shuttle and we drive for atleast 10 minutes, i was starting to think they were just gonna drive us straight to the hotel. so we finally get to the place, which is nowhere near the airport, and theres a ton of people standing around outside. apparently it was a busy day at enterprise. i dont know what the problem was, i think the people that worked there were just slow, cuz there were plenty of cars. after about a half hour we finally get our car. unbelievable. i will definitely never use enterprise again, atleast not in phoenix. especially if the company is paying. when we asked what the problem was alls anyone had to say was that they didnt know it was gonna be so buys. how dont you know its gonna be busy? people have to call ahead to reserve a car, its not like you can just walk up and reserve one. anyway, so we were about 15 minutes late getting to the base, but thats no big thing. the guys we work with our pretty cool, and its not like it was our fault. so we got everything installed and copied over from our drives without too much headache, which is a good start. then after a while we got our scripts up and running and ran some tests to make sure we were seeing everything we were supposed to be seeing. we took a dinner break around 6 and went to outback, which was pretty hopping, but we called ahead so we only had to wait about 15 minutes. they dont have lobster here. now i havent been to outback in a while but i used to get the steak and lobster combo, which is pretty kickass, so i dont know if its just phoenix or all outbacks dont serve lobster anymore. guess i'll have to go to outback when i get home. anyway, my steak was still real good, so no complaints. maybe we'll just have to go to red lobster or something tonight. i love traveling on the companies dime. so after dinner we went back to work and worked till about 11 or so, then called it a night cuz we were at a good stopping point.
last night was a meteor shower, the galeads or something, so michael and i went out to see if we could find a dark place to check it out. theres a park right up from the base, so we drove up to it, but the gate was closed, so we just parked in the little parking area outside of it and sat on the hood of the truck. it was moderately dark, certainly darker then it is around my house, and were able to catch a bunch of shooting stars. nothing crazy, probably one every other minute or so. its nice being able to take a break and just stare up at the sky. it was very cool, being out in the desert with a big sky full of stars and comets, cacti and shrub all around silhouted against the phoenix skyline off in the distance, coyotes singing all around. very cool.
i'm going back in today even tho i dont expect to have much to do, i'll just be there in case theres something visuals wise that needs to be fixed. i'm gonna skip out around 9 to meet up with the other guys that are coming in tonight so we can go over the plan for tomorrow. i expect the week to go pretty smoothly. i think we are about as ready as we can be. theres always more they want and more we could have given them, but time and tools just have a funny way of affecting things. and i think the customer knows that by now, or atleast i hope they do.


Blogger John said...

why can't you just walk up and rent a car?
i think it's done

sure would suck if that's all I got out of your Epistle

the meteors were good on the east coast too

i think it's cool we can look up at the sky from zillions of miles apart and see the same things

6:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be cool to bring your brother-in-law LUKE a shirt or hat or something from LUKE AFB? I know you are not too busy to go to the PX.

10:35 PM  
Blogger Amanda Leese said...

Hmmm... not as anonymous as you think, are you, huh ANONYMOUS?

Matt - you need to call me if you really wanna go to a nice restaurant on the company's dime. I can have some ideas together in a few minutes now that we have our notebook and are wireless!

3:24 PM  

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