Monday, December 06, 2004


congrats to big ray who finally got a job. my company finally stopped draggin their feet and hired him. of course he had it in the bag once they left it up to me. hey what are friends for? but even so he did have the best looking artwork, so he deserved it.
going from a layed back company to a more corporate company, he will have some things to learn. its not an easy transition, but if i can do it anybody can.
here are just a few of the things someone who comes to work at my company has to learn or get used to:

1. wearing pants. i know it sucks but you gotta do it.
2. no posters of hot chicks on the walls. pc is alive and well at my company.
3. no swearing at the customers. some rules just dont make any sense at all.
4. no telling customers something is easy. if they think its easy they wont be willing to pay you as much.
5. no getting drunk at lunch. ok so i dont always follow this one.
6. never admit you dont know something or you cant do something. say its something you'll have to look into or investigate.
7. always carry a notebook with you everywhere you go. people will always be telling you stuff you need to remember, usually way more than you can fit in your tiny brain.
8. dont correct your boss in front of others.
9. no putting towels in the toilet. thats actually in the rules for our fitness center.
10. it is morally wrong to become the fire warden for your floor just so you can choose who lives or dies in case of a fire. women and republicans first.


Blogger Amanda Leese said...

I am not even sure that was supposed to be funny and I laughed my ass off at it.
Didn't one of your friends in High school put a towel in mom and dad's toilet. Dad probably wrote those rules.

11:46 AM  

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