Thursday, December 23, 2004

Great new soldier link

check out this block from a soldier in Iraq:
Heres an excerpt:
"The people may be too scared to help us, but we can not do this alone and we shouldn’t have to. The only way to get rid of the cause of their fear is to get rid of the insurgency. They sit back and watch their neighbors make bombs and attack soldiers but are too scared to say anything. How are things going to stop? They complain about security, but I don’t see any long lines outside the recruiting stations of people who are willing to help us fight, instead they are leaving in greater numbers than they are enlisting, letting the terrorists win.Thousands of people died in our revolutionary war. But thousands more were still clamoring to enlist and fight. The only way to win is to not give up. It also took years to establish a government and a system that works, but again, the US is as strong as it is because we didn’t give in to fear. Even if a government does get put into place here, how long do you think it’s going to last? People don’t put much stock in something they haven’t had to work to obtain.I was standing in front of a formation taking photos of ING soldiers while an ING general was talking to them. As the general was speaking in Arabic, my interpreter was telling me what he was saying. At one point in the speech, he pointed at me and said, “This American woman came thousands of miles from her family to fight for your freedom, shame on us if we cannot stand up and fight.”This is what these people need to hear. They complain about how we are doing here in their country, they complain we don’t give them enough or help them enough, but there comes a point where they need to start helping themselves. We are here to assist them in rebuilding their country, not to hand it to them so they can destroy it again. "


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