Thursday, December 09, 2004

holy shit

i dont know what to say about this. this is a big loss to the heavy metal world. a littly piece of me died tonight. excuse me if i sound a little melodramatic, but i'm a little drunk. pantera was second only to metallica in making hard rock popular. if you like hard rock, you like pantera. they are the gods of hard rock. if metallica are the godfathers of hard rock, pantera are the fathers. i have been to many pantera shows over the years, and every one has been a memorable experience. this is especially big for those in the dallas, tx area, cuz they're from here. eventually, like many lead singers do, phil anselmo either burnt out, or the rest of the guys got sick of his shit and decided to form another band. that band was damage plan, and they were pretty badass. i dont think anybody would have ever guessed that phil would not be the first to die. actually he died like 4 times, but was brought back to life. but thats a whole 'nother story tho, if you really want to hear it. anyway, i dont think anybody saw this coming. my heart goes out to their families, cuz no matter how crazy or wild anyobody seems, they always have family and loved ones that will be forever broken when something like this happens. anyway, heres to you, dimebag and vinnie. thanks for the memories and all the great tracks.


Blogger John said...

well i'm so damned old i don't even know who pantera is BUT we're allowed to feel loss when i talented person we admire passes.
many people despised john lennon when he died dec 8, 1980. but i loved him and i was shocked
my foster son Teddy followed greatful dead everywhere they went . he was a true fan. When i heard jerry garcia died a few years ago, i called to console ted. he needed it.
you sees some things so clearly matt
everyone else is quick to criticize but everyone does have family. everyone does have fans
i wonder why there will always be those people who feels it's ok to only admire nice clean heroes who don't sing loug music and don't do drugs and say all the right things in public

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Blogger Amanda Leese said...

See these comments from our local Conservative radio commentator Heavy Metal Nightmare
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by The Southern Avenger
9 December 2004

The news today of the bizarre murder of former Pantera guitarist “Dimebag Darrell” shocked me as I'm sure it shocked many of you. The notion that some guy could just run on stage during a concert and start shooting people is such an unbelievable scenario for those of us who love live music. While I am a fan of some of Pantera's earlier stuff, what bothered me the most about this is the very fact that it even happened. Nothing makes me happier than being in a bar and having my eardrums blown out by some kick-ass band. The fact that such a horrible tragedy could occur in such a comfortable atmosphere is very unsettling.

Early reports have suggested that the gunmen had some beef with the band. I even heard the rumor that this wacko screamed something like “you broke up Pantera” before firing his weapon. Whatever the case, this guy was obviously screwed up in the head. But I do believe this is a good example, albeit an extreme one, of the type of lunacy that can occur when people take things too seriously.

I remember dating this metal chick once who took the Avenger to a Slayer concert. After a few drinks, I began pumping my fist in the air, making the obligatory “devil” sign with my hand, and started screaming out the word “Satan” between songs. I know it seems silly, but how would you expect me to react? How serious can you take a group of grown men playing songs about death and destruction to a mosh pit full of 14-year-old boys whose mothers probably dropped them off at the concert? I thought my behavior was entirely appropriate. I thought the 14-year-old boys behavior was entirely appropriate – the Avenger used to be just like them. It made me laugh, but unfortunately my heavy metal honey was not laughing with me.

She told me she was mad at me for making fun of her favorite band. I tried to explain to her that I really liked Slayer, which I do, but that she was taking the band and herself way too seriously. Needless to say, I didn't get any action that night, I never called her back and the last I heard this metal chick had become a stripper – which just like 14-year-old boys in a mosh pit – seems entirely appropriate.

The point I'm trying to make is that it's really dumb to take some things too seriously. I don't care if it's music, sports, politics or whatever. In the grand scheme of things, how we interact with others and treat the people close to us is far more important than pretty much anything else. Think of these situations in context. What if someone asked the Avenger the following question; “what happened to you and that metal chick?” And I replied “Oh, we split because I made fun of Slayer.” Sounds pretty dumb right? That's because it is dumb. It would be just as dumb to spend the night in jail because you tried to fight a basketball player. And it would be just as dumb to end a friendship because your friend chose to have a different political opinion.

Today, four people are dead, including a legendary guitar player, for what appears to be no other reason than some jackass who took a rock band too seriously. He murdered because he was mad at Pantera. Now that's dumb. Really dumb. And not only is it a tragedy that innocent people had to die, but it's a shame that a talent like Dimebag Darrell has now been wasted by a man who was nothing but a waste himself.

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