Friday, December 10, 2004


well i had a pretty big day today, today was our annual playground build. the company i work for does a pretty good job at gettin involved in the community, and one of the things it does is partner with a group called kaboom who, according to their website, "is the longest-running non-profit organization that specializes in linking communities and corporations together to build much-needed, safe and accessible playgrounds, and has helped build more playgrounds than any other service organization, making it the #1 playground facilitator of its kind." anyway every year my office gets to build a playground for a school that really needs one but cant afford one. its really a good thing. today was my companies 5th build this year (including offices around the country), and 55th build in the 5 years we've been doing it. i've been doing it for the last 3 and always enjoy it. and not just cuz i get to skip work, but cuz i love to build and do good things for others. anyway, not only does my company do it every year, but we always invite one of our customers to come help us. today SouthWest Airlines joined us and really sent a lot of people, which is always great. I learned one very important thing today, SWA employs a lot of very attractive females. i think i need to start interfacing with that customer more. i did actually talk to this one girl on and off during the day, but lost the nerve to ask her out when it was time to go. DAMNIT. she was cute too, and nice. anyway, the build was in far south dallas, one exit past 67, so i had to get up at 530 to get there by 7, and i actually got there a little early cuz there was very little traffic. driving down there made me think of taking a roadtrip, cuz i never drive that far south unless i'm leaving town. its been too long, i need a roadtrip. so we spent an hour or so settin up, then worked all day till about 330, with a break for lunch of course. the most tiring part is always the safety surface. its just wood mulch that we carry in tarps from this pile that seems as big as a house when we start, over to the playground, which is never right beside the pile. i'll be blowing sawdust out my nose for atleast a week. supposedly this was the biggest playground we've built so far, which i could tell by all the safety surface. so we finished our playground in the usual time and had our traditional brownies and milk toast. mmm brownies. of course all the reps from each of the companies and the school got up and thanked everybody. the radio station jack fm was out there playing music for us while we worked. theres usually some kind of tv coverage, and i think i saw a tv camera at one point but i was mostly concentrating on gettin done. santa even stopped by. the best part tho is at the end, when the kids come out and sing to show their thanks. and the principle gets her turn to say thanks and she cant cuz shes so happy she starts crying. its a great feeling to be able to make people that happy. its nice to have that kind of escape from a world that at times seems so completely messed up.
so every thing went well and we got out of there just in time for rush hour traffic. unfortunately my day wasnt over. so i went home and took a shower then went in to work. i had to check on my coder and make sure he had all the stuff i needed him to do done, and we talked about that and how he could make it better before our presentation to the customer next week. i stuck around for a while and updated some docs and replied to some emails and made sure i had everything i needed on my laptop. i'll go in tomorrow for a few hours to make sure everything is perfect before i pull the drives and pack them up for our flight sunday morning. i'm flying on america west i think, so that will probably be a tight plane. hopefully our trip will go well. im excited and a little nervous cuz i'm runnin the show for the first time. but i think i'm as ready as i'm gonna get, so things should go fine. i know this customer, i know what they want, and i think i deal well with people, so even if everything isnt perfect it should atleast be a positive meeting. if i get bored i might post from phoenix sometime during the week.


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