Monday, December 06, 2004


so i've been crazy busy the last few months trying to learn new software, build terrain for two projects, build models, hire somebody, help make our products better, make schedules, and coordinate with customers to make sure we know what they want and they know what we're giving them. so thats why i've pretty much stopped bloggin. by the time i get home at night i'm mentally exhausted and i have no desire to look at the computer screen or touch a keyboard. i do still find time to do some other stuff tho. if i didnt i'd completely go insane. i did habitat saturday and got a good workout building sheds. hung out with the fam saturday, then went into work sunday for awhile. of course the tools werent working so it was just a big frustration. went and bought a new case for my laptop so i can fit more than just my laptop in it so i dont have to carry 2 bags on business trips. i'm hoping i'll be getting a new laptop eventually too cuz the one i have is on its last leg and just doesnt do everything i need it to. went out to dinner with bigray and some friends sunday to celebrate his new job. had some steaks at saltrass, which is always good. i've got my big trip next week, i leave sunday, and at the moment i have no idea how its gonna go. my database has cracks and isnt showing its texture, the two things that i needed to show not happening.
sometimes its just so totally overwhelming i dont know what to do. but i know i can do it, i just gotta stay calm and focused. sometimes its hard to remember that tho when it seems like nothing works.
oh well, better get to bed, got another battle to fight tomorrow.


Blogger trl1 said...

where are you going on your trip? how long? why?

4:39 PM  

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