Thursday, December 23, 2004


last night was beer night as usual, despite the subzero temperatures. i'm pretty sure i passed a polar bear hitchin a ride but i wasnt gonna stop. it was a pretty slow night as you might imagine. i did see a girl that used to work with me that said she was moving to florida. good luck with that B. ya gotta do whatcha gotta do, and last night i was ready to go with her. anyway, i learned two things last night, one exciting, one truly disturbing. the exciting one is that one of the hotty waitresses at the saucer just moved into my apt complex. in the building right next to mine in fact. she has a boyfriend, and shes not really my type (shes way too hot and knows it) but it would still be cool to know some people in my c0mplex again. time to get out the surveillance equipment. the second truly disturbing thing; we were talking about chicks, as we occasionally do, and ray remarked that he no longer had an obsession with redhaired girls. GASP! what? who the hell are you and what have you done with ray? hes now decided to find a nice hispanic girl because he's heard they are faithful. geez good luck finding one around here.
aside from that nothing much exciting last night. the mavs sucked it up and lost to the hawks. the hawks! just dont know whats up with those boys.
more observations from last nights beer night:
- attractive female scientists or math geeks are hard to find.
- all abita beers taste pretty much the same.
- not all jews celebrate the festival of lights. noone can decide how it should really be spelled, not even (Hanukkah, Hanukah, Hannukah, Chanukah, Chanukkah, Channukah, Channukkah)
- waitresses will make up some pretty crazy excuses to not sit with you. ok i guess i have to elaborate on this one. we're regulars at the saucer, so we know all the girls, and tho we arent the hottest or coolest bunch of guys we are nice and good tippers. so occasionally our waitress, if she is getting off early, offers to come sit and have a beer with us. on a rare occasion they will actually do this. but usually once they have their street clothes on they realize that they dont actually want to be seen with us, so they'll come and make up some excuse as to why they have to leave, and then they will proceed to drink with their cool friends at another table for the next hour or so. its quite bold, and i admire that, and those of us that have been in the beer night crowd long enough are used to it. heres the example from last night. our waitress is getting off early and offers to come have a drink with us. sure, we say, that would be fine. she does her thing, changes her clothes, then comes out and tells us that she wont be able to have that drink with us because her nephew is in the hospital and she has to go see him. or something like that. too bad, we say. wow, we all agree, thats a pretty good one. of course everybody knows, except maybe her, that visiting hours at the hospital dont extend till 11pm. e actually says he may have heard that one before from someone else. i mean c'mon, do you really have to be that creative with your excuse. why not just say you're tired and be on your happy way. hey alls we've got is our intelligence, dont offend that too. hold on thats not even the best part. so she then proceeds to sit with her real friends at the table right beside ours for the next hour and drink. she obviously hadnt planned her excuse very well. why not just say hey i'd rather sit with my real friends, we dont blame ya.


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