Monday, December 06, 2004

Special New Equipment for Iraq

Check out the vehicles at the very end that are getting delivered for use in Iraq. They should use that as a selling point.

Iraqi Forces Take Delivery on More Weapons, Materiel
American Forces Press Service
BAGHDAD, Iraq, Dec. 6, 2004 – Iraqi security forces continued to receive large shipments of weapons and materiel from the Multinational Security Transition Command Iraq in November, including large deliveries of armor for the Iraqi army's growing mechanized force element.
November's rollout totaled more than 2 million RPK/PKM machine-gun rounds; 1.2 million 9 mm pistol rounds; 2.8 million AK-47 assault-rifle rounds; 450,000 12 gauge shotgun rounds, including 200,000 slug rounds; 999,000 5.6 mm rounds; 48 shotguns; 1,000 various-make 9 mm pistols; nearly 1,000 RPK and PKM machine guns; 1,120 smoke and riot grenades; roughly 1,900 9 mm Glock pistols; 5,400 AK-47s; 20 Walther pistols; 78 rocket-propelled grenade launchers; 16,000 sets of body armor; more than 7,400 helmets, including 150 riot helmets; 44 French- designed Panhard M-3 armored personnel carriers; four T-55 Russian-designed heavy tanks; 18 multi-purposed armored vehicles; and four Comp Air 7SL light reconnaissance aircraft.
The rollout also included nearly 200 vehicle and handheld radios; 150 night- vision goggles; some 11,000 field jackets; 3,000 cold-weather jackets; 2,200 mattresses and beds; 40,000 desert combat uniforms; 11,000 pairs of running shoes; 300 kneepads; 600 tactical vests; 1,000 holsters; 9,500 T-shirts; 1,200 binocular pairs; 1,000 handcuff sets; 20 blunt-trauma suits; 1,450 compasses; 132 global positioning systems; 800 "MAG" lights; 750 whistles; 4,150 hats; 344 first aid kits; 2,000 canteens; 1,500 police shirts; 2,000 police uniforms; two 2-ton trucks; 14 ambulances; 10 Russian-made GAZ heavy transport trucks; 15 Chevy trucks; 20 Chevy Trailblazers; four Dodge Durangos; and 52 Chevy Lumina police sedans.


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