Sunday, January 16, 2005

2005 Road Trip Schedule

Ok, heres my anticipated roadtrip schedule for 2005. As you may have read previously, one of my resolutions was to take more roadtrips. That may not have been the best plan since this will probably be my biggest, busiest year at work ever. seriously. this whole movin up and bein in charge of stuff and taking on more responsibilities does have its drawbacks. but i've gone ahead and planned a trip for almost every month anyway. so w/o further ado, heres my RockandRollRoadtrip Schedule 2005 V1.0:

Feb 18-21 - Colorado Bend S.P.

March - Seminole Canyon S.P.

April - Caprock Canyon S.P.

May - Guadalupe River S.P.

June - probably be too busy w/ work this month for trippin

July - McKinney Falls S.P.

Aug - Pedernales Falls S.P.

Sept - Austin City Limits Music Festival

Oct - Bocktoberfest and Halloween in Nola

Nov - Lost Maples S.N.A.


Blogger John said...

I couldn't find the dates listed for your trip to South Carolina to see your sister and your adoring uncle.

6:54 AM  
Blogger Amanda Leese said...

Funny, me neither

7:11 PM  

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