Saturday, January 01, 2005

happy new year

well i made it thru another new years eve, just so you all know.
me and bigray and soda went down to the gypsy tea room to see the burden brothers. i know i said a couple months ago i wouldnt cuz their album was kinda depressing, but it was a good show, and they were the only band i knew that was playing. it was a real good show, i got some pix w/ my phone and i'll post em when i finally get something to download the pix straight to my computer. there were 3 opening bands, so we definately got our money's worth. they were ok, nothin awesome but nothin terrible either. burden brothers played for a good 90 mins atleast, they went on shortly after midnight then played till 2. i ran into an old buddy, joe, from my old job and got to meet his new wife. it was good to see him, i always liked him cuz hes pretty funny and weird. (like me) we had to wait on bigray cuz he was mackin on some chick. go ray. so we finally left downtown around 230, and because we were all hungry we decided to stop and get some fast food. of course everyone else in the world had that same idea. so we took the circuitous way home so we could look for some fast food. after driving by atleast 5 different places that had a line all the way around the building, we finally hit a toxic hell that had only one other car there. it wasnt the jack in the crack we were hoping for, but anything would do at 3 in the morn. so i dropped off soda and bigray and finally got home a little before 4. after scarfin some tacos i dragged myself to bed to the sound of my battered eardrums ringing in the new year.
so even tho there was no teargas or icestorms it was a good new years eve.
may 2005 be even better then 2004 and bring health and happiness to all.


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