Sunday, January 30, 2005

history is being made

may God protect all Iraqis brave enough to go out and vote today. this is a historic day, possibly one of the most important days in history. this may very well be the first step in spreading democracy and freedom across all of the middle east. its scary but exciting, and i'm not even there. may all Iraqis take strength from the bravery shown by their brothers and sisters in Afghanistan who risked their lives to cast their votes for freedom. be strong, be brave, be safe, be free, be Iraqi.

i just wrote a long ass follow up to the above post, then knocked the cord out of the back of the computer and lost it all. damnit. so anyway, heres a short summation:
cowards deserve not freedom. history is yours for the taking, and if you dont take it, someone else will. 150000 American soldiers are in Iraq risking their lives to give you the right to vote, you owe it to them to get out and vote. if you wont fight for your freedom, why shoud we? Iraqis need to stop expecting American soldiers to do everything for them and show they deserve the freedom we're dying to give them. every body seems to think that everything should suddenly be great and freedom and safety and security should be quick and automatic. well guess what, its not, its a lot of hard work and a lot of people are going to die on the road there, but as long as the good people of this world are persistent in their resolve and heroic in the face of evil, good will eventually prevail. God will take care of his children, so you have nothing to fear. would you rather die a hero or live like a coward? over and over again in the comments sections of Iraqi bloggers I was reading tonight, people kept saying the same thing "when your grandson comes to you and asks what you did on the day you had the chance to cast a vote for freedom, what will you say?"
all right, i've got more but i'm tired. you get the point.
not quite as eloquent as my original post, but thats the basics.


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