Monday, January 17, 2005

its that time again

well i havent done it in a while and i dont have anything real to post right now, plus i think its kinda interesting, so here we go-
time to see what kind of searches are leading people to my site and where i rank:

#9 on a yahoo search for 'barbara bush's breasts pix'
man i hope they mean the younger barbara

#71 on a yahoo search for 'improvised munitions'
occasionally someone will do a search that seems kinda sketchy to me, this is one of them. it looks like someone from ny.

#2 on a yahoo search for 'bakini clad'
every month someone does a search for this phrase, and i'm so glad that i'm not the only one that cant spell that word. atleast i didnt spell it bakeeny

#18 on a google search for '"kiddie pool" wrestling pudding images'
i'm not sure what to say about this. i'm pretty sure i dont have any kiddie pool wrestling pudding images on rough edges, so to you sir i apologize.
by the way there were 309 results for this search

#1 on a google search for 'jammonit'
#1 baby. maybe i should copyright that word. probly already done. then would have to pay me big money

#3 on a yahoo search for 'how many edges around a us dime'
the answer is a lot. i actually tried to count but it hurt my eyes

#2 on a yahoo search for 'pictures of oil dericks'
and yet i have none. and apparently that last word should have 2 Rs in it.

#6 on a yahoo search for 'jessica simpson ketamine'
thats an interesting search. for those of you who dont know ketamine is a "rapid acting disassociative anesthetic similar to phencyclidine, better known as PCP". i had to go look myself where that came from cuz thats not a word i'm familiar with. apparently it was part of a post i had copy/pasted about a raid of a kidnappers home in Iraq where they had found ketamine which can be "used to subdue victims". now why would you look for jessica simpson and ketamine together? maybe i should warn her that someone is out to get her. even if theres not someone out to get her, can you imagine someone on pcp at a jessica simpson concert?


Blogger Amanda Leese said...

I think they were imagining Jessica on Ketamine

7:09 PM  

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