Tuesday, January 11, 2005


alright, were 10 days into the new year and i pretty much havent done any of my resolutions. sink, still full of dishes; bike, still not bought; exercise, still no time; love, HAH!; so the least i can do is throw some posts out every now and then. heres one inspired by my sister. for all those that cant wait to go camping but arent real big fans of the cold, or you are just wimps and dont like camping, here are some sites for cabining. cuz its not camping if you're in a cabin.
the official texas state parks site:
this one lets you reserve online:
all about cabining:

i need to start planning my trips out for this year. stay tuned for that.
unfortunately i'll be traveling for work a lot this year, so i'll have to work around that. as long as i keep to my resolution to get my debt paid off soon i'll be done with that whole work thing and i can go camping for a living. thats the plan atleast.


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