Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Recurring theme

More signs that countries around the world are getting the hint that they need to start embracing liberty and freedom for all of their citizens, not just men. Cuz they know if they dont, we'll help them. Check out these three links that show atleast some of the backwards ass countries are learning that women are people too.

Afghan women are starting their own businesses

Kuwaiti women get right to vote

Dubai aims to empower women

These are some pretty amazing times. At times quite frightening yes, but if thats all you see you're not paying attention. Some of it might just be talk, some might just be for show, but slowly but surely things are happening. Do you know why these things are happening? Do you think its cuz we have a government thats decided to be proactive in the pursuit of liberty and freedom for all, instead of just watching and hoping things get better? I know what I think.


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