Wednesday, August 24, 2005

RRR Lexicon


This list is provided to help you understand some of the words you may hear used by your RRR crew. By reading through this list you will have a better understanding of what is going on around you and what may be about to happen. RockandRollRoadtrips are more of an adventure tour/rollercoaster So have fun and feel free to add your own words to the list!

n.= noun v.= verb q.= question adj.= adjective adv.= adverb interj.= interjection

Abrethren – aj.: Being part of a gang, roadcrew, roadtripcrew. The act of being in a train. You are now “abrethren” with your fellow roadtrippers. Holdon!

Adjust – v.: my pants are bunchin up from sitting here zonin for the past couple hours and I gotta fix my nuts, please look away.

Ahead – adj.: The destination.

Assanine – adv.: the way most everybody in the world drives. Bad.


Burninit – v.: See Floodinit

Busted - v.: This means our radar detector has failed us and now I must pull over to give this county some money to pay for the privilige of driving so fast.

Caravan – n.: A company of travelers journeying together, as across a desert or through hostile territory. 2 or more vehicles cruisin.

Clear – q.: Usually directed at copilot in the form of a question, it means is that lane clear/ am I clear to enter that lane/ is that lane clear ahead so I may accelerate and pass these slow ass mutherfuckers in front of me?

Convoy - n.: An accompanying and protecting force, as of ships or troops or fast crazy roadtrippinmobiles. A group, as of ships or motor vehicles, traveling together with a protective escort or for safety or convenience. 4 or more fast moving, skeeled drivers.

Cruisin – adj.: Punchin Katie and droppin into lowgear, this is highway drivin. usually can not be done in city or dense traffic.

Diving – v.: Changing multiple lanes quickly, usually in traffic.

Drafting – adv.: Drivin in someone elses slipstream, possibly closer then they would like.

Droppin – v.: Moving over one lane. A slow dive.

Dusting – v.: Cutting someone off as you go by them, spraying them with exhaust from your roadtrippinmobile. Suck that commie!

Ennis – adj.: A bad driver, from N.S. for No Skills

EeZee – adj.: How RRR makes it, that’s why you’re here.

Fivo – n.: The red and blues. The man. The fuzz. The hustle. The bogeyman. Mr Stinky head. Dr suck leather. County collection.

Floodinit – v.: Accelerating quickly, stomping on the gas

Gasininit – v.: See Floodinit

Gitkilld – adj.: What you don’t wanna do. We’ll try, really we will.

Gitsumgas – n.: What happens ~350 miles in Durango Sue.

Halayluya – interj.: An exultation, it means “This is GREAT!”

Heerweego – interj.: See Holdon

Holdon – interj.: Just how it sounds, something is about to happen so you better hold on! Can also mean halayluya!

Jorja – n.: Some dirty state on the southeast seaboard of the USA. Some dirty whore from the southeast seaboard of the USA.

Killdit – v.: What you do when you hit a deer going 80 miles an hour thru some mountains you’ve never driven through before at night.

Lean – interj.: Usually followed by the words “left” or “right”, this means your driver has chosen to take a corner at high speed so you better lean if you don’t want to tip over!

Leapfroggin – v.: Taking your turn at the front of the caravan or convoy.

Left – adj.: Port

Lowgear - n.: Reclining the seat and lowering it to assume a more comfortable position. Usually followed by zonin.

Median - n.: The grassy lane in the middle of the highway that looks like it is there just for you to pass all this damn traffic, but is in fact illegal to drive on. Has no known usefulness other then hiding the fivo.

Moovitmuthafukka – interj.: A phrase usually accompanying the push maneuver.

Munchies – n.: Roadtrip food. The stuff behind you in the blue coolers. May be asked in a polite manner or yelled in a desperate cry for nutrition, this can be a one word solicitation or offer from the driver for some of those delicious food items in the back.

Next – adj.: The next exit, sometimes the exit after you should have.

Over – adj.: The way we will flip if you don’t lean when the driver yells “LEAN!”. No shit, I’m not kidding. He’s crazy. You better got yo buckle belted up. Also associated with Yonder.

Owwer – n.: A division of time meaning anywhere between 45 minutes and 75 minutes. Not to be confused with “Owwee” meaning of course, the bruise you will get on your little knee after you fall off your bike. Poor baby.

Partner - n.: When you are driving as a single vehicle and another vehicle falls in behind and follows you at a distance. Not close enought to be a pull or suck.

Peebrake – n.: A dark place on the side of the road after about 2 hours. Did you ever see that one King of the Hill where Peg and the daughter were camped out at some rest stop cuz Hank quarantined the house with him and bobby in it cuz their insurance ran out and he wanted them out of the house so they woont gitkilld or something and they broke in the vending machines cuz they got hungry and the cops came at the end and busted peggy and she was all skreeemin and shit. That was funny.

Pig – n.: Police. Yell it if you see one before the driver, but that wont happen often. Bonus points if you do. Booo police, Yay bonus points!

Poser - n.: Someone that drives a piece of shit

Puddle – n.: The slow mass of everyone driving the same fucking speed in every fucking lane in front of you. Leading cause of roadrage.

Pulling – v.: When someone is driving in your slipstream. Usually you don’t mind it, you may even expect it. Antonyms include “draggin” , “suckin”. It can either be used like "I'm pullin that guy." or "I'm gonna dropin and pull off this guy to save gas."

Pump – v.: I need to pull over to get some of that beautiful black gold. May be asked as a questing meaning does anybody need a peebrake? cuz if you do I could gitsumgas.

Punching Katie – v.: Turning on the cruise control

Push – v.: Attempting to make the person in front of you go faster by driving close to their bumper. What some may call ‘tailgaiting’. Pushing air.

Radard – v.: When you drive past a weather radar out in the middle of nowhere at 444 in the morning, just when everybody was getting to sleep, for the first time all night everyone was asleep, then, all of a sudden, BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB there goes that mutherfuckin radar detector and everybodys awake. Man that shits funny.

Right – adj.: Starboard

Roadtrippinmobiles – n.: Any transport vehicle for a roadrip. Sometimes just called mobiles. Or rrrobiles.

Runner – n.: The lead car in a convoy.

Shakin – adv.: What you get when the driver screams “Holdon!”

Skeeled -adj.: Talented, good drivers, the opposite of ennis.

Skreeemin – v.: What you better not be doin in the drivers ear. Sometimes the driver will employ this tekneek to make the puddle move. Sometimes it works, sometimes it don’t, you know. Gotta try, cant just not try.

Skiing – v.: Changing multiple lanes constantly to try to find the fastest lane at every second. Usually assanine.

Slowass – adj.: What it seems like you always get stuck behind when you’re in a hurry. Multiple slowass make a puddle.

Smokin – v.: Leaving someone far behind, outrunning someone

Spraying – v.: Cutting someone off in the rain

Stuck – adv.: When you get boxed in traffic and you cant pass.

Suckin – v.: When somebody is riding your ass but when you pull over to let them go by they just slow down and wont go by you. Those bastards. See also “draggin”.

Tailin – adj.: Pullin up the rear at the end of a convoy.

Tekneek - ?.: The magic powers that our drivers seem to have. Don’t ask us, we don’t know, all we know is they can make things happen. Its crazy man I’m tellin ya.

Tharules – n.: The basic overall collection of rules on “How to not drive like an asshole”. This is a read for everyone.

Thumzup – v.: More of a visual gesture, it is usually used while passing someone of a more “ennis” class of driving to parlay the sentiment “you’re doing a great job of driving friend, keep up the good work.”

Train – n.: When multiple cars all drive in a line together, a convoy. Verb form is training. See also caravan.

Uhoh – interj.: Something you DO NOT want to hear your driver say. Our drivers are trained professionals, if they say “Uhoh” you are screwwwwwd.

Very – v.: The speed we drive. Do not ask if you don’t want to know.

Weirndererermererrerr – adj.: Great! The best ever, What its all about. The magic word. Can you say it? No you cant. Don’t even try, you will totally hurt yourself. HAHA! I told you you’d hurt yourself. Stupid. I told you. Stupid.

Werrallgonnadie- interj.: You definitely DONOT want to know what this means.

Where – q.: A one word question from the driver meaning “Where are we going?”. Sometimes our drivers get confused and have to be reminded, just be kind and remind them and you will be on your way for the ride of your life. Trust us. Well its too late now if you don’t, isnt it? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

Whining – v.: Nunathat

Xcapade – n.: The extremely inebriated, sometimes best but least wellest rememberendendenderestistdistdest, these times are what can define a trip – bad, good, or weirndererermererrerr.

Xit – n.: when the driver gotstoo wake up.

Yornext – interj.: Directed at the slow ass in front of you, it means "Please move over out of the fast lane sir, it is apparent you do not realize that is my lane. I will let it slide this time but for your own sake, don’t let it happen again." BOO! Usually it is more of a silent command that is abrethren to the “push” maneuver accompanied by the “thumzup”, it usually comes after already moving one slowass out of your lane.

Yonder – n.: Over that there hill, thru them there trees, round that there bend, or any combination there of.

Zipper – n.: What I gotta not get cawt in at 444 in the morn when I just dove and sprayed on some ennis to get to a peebrake at the next after being stuck in a fucking puddle for the last owwer.

Zonin – adv.: A hypnotic state caused by driving on long straight roads for long periods of time.


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